every other comment on this is “just let them outside” like…. no

letting cats outside is dangerous for them, and horrible for the local ecosystem

cats are great but domestic cats are an invasive species

this is a really good way to let cats enjoy the outdoors without letting them wreak havoc on the local ecosystem






Marvel news account: Avengers Endgame will… *Drum roll*….have an Interval

Me, Indian, completely and blissfully unaware about the West’s unjustifiably terrible decision of making interval-less movies the default: ok????? and????

how’s not having an intermission unjustifiably terrible? legit curious.

Intervals are essential for:

1. Bladder emptying

2. Popcorn refills

3. Talking about the story thus far

4. Checking your phone

5. Carrying out that murder cleverly disguised as a jewel heist gone wrong which you’ve been planning for months

6. Water refills

OP, can we talk about number 5?


This is why I prefer watching movies at home. Then I can carry out my jewel heist regardless of Hollywood’s intermission policy!

VEDA 2019.04.06 – Computing Turducken (Part One)

This is my big secret project – the Computing Turducken. It is part-computer design, part-art project. This video has taken an extraordinary amount of time to set up (and a not-insignificant amount of money, despite my efforts to be a cheapskate), but I think it is worth it in the end. Hopefully my rambling doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the video, even if it is a nearly-hour-long-vlog.

I’ll be doing updates on the Turducken every so often, with a major update once a week (probably).

I talk about my preferences in roleplaying characters. Note that this isn’t what I end up playing all of the time – I usually just fill in whatever role is available, I’m talking about my own tendencies and preferences on character creation. Mostly D&D, but I hit other systems as well.

Everyone loves Boo Kitty! Let’s be honest, the cat taxes I pay are the only reason why any random person might watch one of my vlogs. :)

This was a “crap, I don’t have the spoons to make what I wanted today, what can I ta- my computers!” video. Enjoy!