that bitch really just drop the baby like that

yeah they drop them in like a real fall into a pool its an infant self rescue course its scary as hell to watch but it teaches your baby not to drown

No seriously it really is amazing. It’s called ISR Self Rescue. I’ve seen multiple parents on social media decide to do this with their babies as young as 6 months (they gradually get up to the “throwing” into the pool) and it’s so awesome watching it.

It literally could be a lifesaver some day. One time I watched a security camera video of a dad playing in a pool with his kids and his toddler, who had been sitting on the slide, fell in and the dad didn’t notice for at least 30 seconds… But this little toddler automatically knew what to do and started floating on his back. When the dad noticed, he immediately grabbed him, but the reason this toddler didn’t sink or drown was because of the infant swim lessons his parents had presumably put him in.

Obviously floaties and parental supervision would still help, but you can’t rely on those 100% of the time.

Oh thank you so much for explaining i was so worried

Crazy factoid: Babies are actually born knowing how to hold their breath and use swim-like movements when submerged. Yeah. It’s a primitive reflex that they lose (if not enforced) at ~6 months.

Obviously, do not submerge your infant in water without an expert, but what these lessons are doing is encouraging and honing natural reflexes. These babies are perfectly safe, and I honestly think this is a really responsible parenting move. Accidents happen. Floaties don’t know which side is up. Parents are humans, not robots, and especially with more than one kid, sometimes you look away for a minute. It happens. But lessons like these minimize the risk involved.

Also, as with so many things with infants and small children, mood is such a big deal. Letting your baby fall into the pool and not freaking out means your kid will probably be calm as they learn to maneuver in the water. If you panic, they’ll panic, cuz babies are very dependent on adults for emotional cues. So it’s also about helping parents maintain their calm in handling children swimming.

Fun fact: My folks did this! I could swim before I could walk. Also according to my mother, I was the demonstration child – the one the instructors used to demonstrate new moves at baby swim classes – because I am basically some kind of aquatic human subspecies.

Zoan Kitty likes to nap in a few spots in my bedroom. Either here, inside of a cat tree and kitty pie right by a window, on my bed in a warm spot, or up in my closet…

But his favorite spot is on top of me. Even if I’m on the toilet.

Oh Zoan.


This is Raovem, a.k.a. “New Cat.”

He showed up in my yard summer 2020, asking for help, so I gave him food. He was really timid back then, but I gave him food and patience, and as time wore on, his flight distance kept decreasing until I could finally pet him while he was eating. Wasn’t long after that he started coming inside occasionally, but he’d get anxious if I closed the door behind him. I’d catch him sleeping in my bed sometimes. Now he’s there almost every night.

Unlike all previous guest kitties, Rao is friendly towards my cats (although the feeling is not mutual), so there’s no reason he can’t just stay here.

He must have had a home as a kitten, though, as he is completely socialized. But he is not neutered and he doesn’t have a microchip, so whoever had him before has probably abandoned him. Or I could have accidentally stolen someone’s cat I guess.

I think he’s around 2 or 3 years old.





no one wants to hear it but love is earned after the initial infatuation. commitment is something u both mutually agree to and then from there it’s work. it’s not work like it’s a chore it’s jus work like it takes effort. to get good at these things takes practice. it takes practice to learn to communicate better and it takes practice to learn to love each other in the ways u need to be loved.

And it’s also terrifying! Like it’s the kind of vulnerability you can’t do while being all cool and in control of things, you have to like open up the really awkward, ugly inner part of yourself and hope that the other person is still into you. 

Like you have to actually say – with words coming out of your mouth or hands or whatever way you use to directly communicate in person – what you would like from the other person! You have to say stuff like “hey the thing you did made me feel some ways and we have to address this like adults” and hope that the other person says “I see, yes I also think we should address this like adults” (instead of “no I didn’t” or “you’re overreacting” or other shut-down-ing shit that ruins lives). 

Worth the read my oh my







this post hasn’t left my mind since i’ve first saw it

people jest but this is literally how i worked out i was gaslit for like 15 years of my life

People who “want trauma” are recognizing, on some level, that they were traumatized but in a way that’s not “socially recognized” as trauma. What they really want is for people to see that they’ve been traumatized and be on their side

Hold up

#everyone learns that trauma can cause memory problems or even cause you to black out events and then you’re just like#how could people who said they had a stable life be traumatized??

I wanna expand on that for a moment. I’ve talked to a lot of trauma survivors about their backgrounds. And two things that are damn near universally true?

1. We almost all say “It wasn’t that bad” at first.
2. That statement is pretty much always a lie, be it to others or to yourself.

By the way, it’s also common for people with mental illnesses (including ptsd) to “wish” they were suffering from a physical illness such as cancer— because then they’d get some kind of acknowledgement that their body was hurting them in a way they could not control.

This can also be part of the motivation behind self harm. It’s an attempt to “prove” the seriousness of the mental or emotional damage by causing it to manifest into something with equally serious physical symptoms.